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TCC Programs & Services

Triangle Community Center offers over twenty-five regular programs for the LGBTQ community in Fairfield County. Take a look at the program categories below and find the program you are looking for here at TCC.

Triangle Community Center works with a number of partner agencies that provide meaningful services for the LGBTQ community. From health services to spiritual guidance, and from youth services to care for older adults, we are proud to work with our community partners and national agencies to provide the best quality of life for LGBTQ people in our region

View the TCC calendar to see more LGBTQ+ events in Fairfield County

Young Adult Programs

TCC groups supporting

youth and young adults


TCC peer support groups, recovery groups, social groups and wellness groups

Community Centers

Connect with a Fairfield County community center near you.

LGBTQ+ Families

Family planning and support.

Health Services

Spiritual & Religious
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